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Green camping

Green camping

We are an Eco-Friendly GREEN Camping!

The contact with the nature or the separate waste collection is not enough to be a green camping. Being an eco-friendly campsite requires much more effort!

Camping Gardenia made this choice years ago, we installed the first solar panels in 1980!

Here is a list of the green solutions that our campsite adopted:

– installation of solar panels for the production of hot water in the toilet building

– installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity on the building by the lake which was completely renovated in 2021

– installation of a water to water heat pump for heating, cooling and for the production of hot water in the bar and in the lakefront apartments


We also use electric power that is sourced from renewable hydroelectric sources. In this way we are not contributing to emissions and polluting agents and have a lower environmental impact.

By choosing Camping Gardenia you will contribute to help the nature much more than you think!


Eco-friendly camping


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