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Hiking at Lake Como: Monte Legnone

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One of the best hiking trails at Lake Como: Monte Legnone!

With his 2610m height, Monte Legnone is the highest peak in the Lake Como area and you can admire its beauty while sitting in our front lake terrace!

It is in fact located at the north end of the lake but it is visible from almost anywhere on the lake thanks to its pyramid-like peak.

You can reach Rifugio Roccoli Lorla (1460m) by car from Tremenico, near Dervio; the road is narrow but paved almost to the end. Just a short hike from the parking space to the Rifugio and then there is only one way up.

This route is mostly for skilled hikers because there are exposed sections, especially in the final part, so you have to scramble up rocks and use cables fixed in the mountain.

You can meet goats, deers and chamois while hiking there.

The level of difficult is high but the view from the top is unforgettable!

Hiking Como Lake guides organize group hikes to get there.


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