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Trekking at Lago Darengo

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lago darengo

The particular beauty of Lago Darengo, alpine lake surrounded by granitic massifs and sharp ridges, repays the efforts of those who decide to spend a day in the nature; the path that reaches 1790m height crosses mountain grazings and enchanting beech woods, surrounded by majestic massifs and crossed by a creek that creates natural tanks.

The trekking starts from Dangri, with a steep muletrack that leads to a small hamlet called ‘Baggio’; once there the path proceeds along a landscape of wild beauty.

Once in Rifugio Pianezza remember to follow the white and red flags painted on the stone that will head you  through a steep path to the final destination: Rifugio Darengo and Capanna Como.

Lago Darengo, created as a consequence of two glaciations, is the only alpine lake in the province of Como.

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